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Embracing Change in Education

Written by Alvin Hew
SIS Group of Schools, Board Director


Embracing Change in Education
Facing Rapid Change With Confidence

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

The world is changing. And technology is making it even more rapid. According to Dr. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, we now live in the 4 th industrial revolution where the physical, digital and biological worlds are merging at such speed and breadth that it is impacting not only individuals, but society as a whole, as well as businesses and economies on a national and global scale. Change is the new normal. Change will be a constant in our lives.

When change impacts our children whom we love most in this world, the default emotion is often fear and trepidation. Yet as parents and educators we must make changes in the way we prepare children for this ongoing, rapid state of change and disruption.

“As parents and educators we must make changes to the way we prepare children for this ongoing, rapid state of change and disruption.”

At SIS Group of Schools, we have been very deliberate in identifying the skills needed for success in university and in the professional world they will enter. These are: Perseverance, Analytical skills, Communication and Collaboration skills and Entrepreneurship. We call this P.A.C.E. and they are our desired student learning outcomes. We develop these skills through a new approach to modern education: using a more personalized approach to education to spark inquiry and curiosity supported by the strategic use of cutting edge technology. It’s about prioritising the students’ needs above all (and not parental needs). Net, it is not just about getting to the right answers. It is about asking the right questions. It is about doubling down on our focus to build in our students the strength of character to face a future of disruption and change.

It still however means recruiting the best educators from around the globe and region who are attuned to teaching in a more student-driven and flexible environment, and creating an environment of holistic learning. It also means making changes and trying new things. Because if we don’t, our children will be left behind.

For change to succeed, we need all stakeholders – educators, students and parents – to be on board and aligned.

This effort can only succeed with all stakeholders on board: educators, students and parents.

For us to ignore the fundamental change underway – across industries, borders and professions – is to be complacent. We must avoid putting “blinders” on to this unrelenting change we all face. Our children’s futures depend on our ability to adapt to this global transformation although at times it may seem uncomfortable to choose the path less travelled, a new path, we must unite in support of our response, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem in the moment. To simply carry on in a “business as usual” way while the world races in a different direction is surely the wrong path – no matter how comfortable this may be in the moment to us as parents. Change can be scary and hard but it can turn out to be incredibly rewarding…similar to becoming a parent for the first time.

We have been the most successful species for one reason above all others: our ability to adapt. It’s never been easy, but together with courage and teamwork we can face this uncertainty in our world and adapt to the new reality on behalf of our children.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ― George Bernard Shaw